Vishing (Voice or VoIP Phishing)

Vishing is a form of cyberattack where malicious actors use voice or VoIP technology to carry out phishing attempts. Cybercriminals use pre-recorded messages or even live calls to deceive individuals by impersonating legitimate entities, such as banks, government agencies, or service providers. The aim is to trick victims into revealing personal information, financial details, or login credentials.

Key aspects and techniques associated with Vishing include:

Impersonation: Attackers impersonate trusted entities to gain the victim's trust and encourage them to divulge sensitive information.

Social Engineering: Vishing often involves social engineering techniques to manipulate the victim emotionally or psychologically, pressuring them to take immediate action.

Voice Manipulation: Cybercriminals use voice-altering software or prerecorded messages to create a sense of urgency and authenticity.

Fraudulent Transactions: Vishing attempts may lead to unauthorized transactions, identity theft, or compromise of sensitive data.

Vishing is a serious cybersecurity threat, and individuals and organizations should remain vigilant and educate themselves to recognize and avoid falling victim to such scams.