Videotelephony, often simply referred to as video calling, involves the real-time transmission of audio and video signals between users in different locations. It utilizes telecommunications networks to facilitate face-to-face communication, providing a visual and auditory connection.

Key aspects and applications of Videotelephony include:

Real-Time Communication: Videotelephony allows individuals to communicate in real time, providing a sense of immediacy and presence.

Remote Collaboration: Videotelephony is instrumental in remote collaboration, enabling teams to meet, discuss, and work together regardless of their geographic location.

Personal and Professional Use: Videotelephony is used both for personal communication among friends and family and for professional meetings and conferences.

Enhanced Communication: Video calls offer a more complete form of communication by incorporating visual cues, body language, and facial expressions.

Videotelephony is a powerful tool that has revolutionized communication, allowing for rich and meaningful interactions despite physical distances.