User Data Header

The User Data Header (UDH) is a section of an SMS message that carries metadata and instructions for how the message should be handled and displayed on the recipient's device. It allows for customization and enhanced functionalities, enabling features like concatenated SMS (long messages split into multiple parts), special characters, and application-specific behaviors.

Key aspects and applications of User Data Header (UDH) include:

Concatenated SMS: UDH is used to indicate that a message is part of a larger, concatenated SMS, ensuring proper reassembly and display on the recipient's device.

Special Characters: UDH can be utilized to include special characters, symbols, or non-standard characters that might not be supported by default in regular SMS encoding.

Application-Specific Instructions: UDH allows application developers to provide specific instructions to the recipient's device regarding message handling, display, or interaction.

Message Segmentation: UDH can help segment a message into smaller parts for more efficient transmission and delivery.

The User Data Header is a powerful tool for enhancing the capabilities and presentation of SMS messages, offering flexibility to developers and enriching the user experience.