TON/NPI Settings

TON/NPI Settings, or Type of Number (TON) and Numbering Plan Indicator (NPI) settings, are parameters used in telecommunications to specify the type and format of phone numbers in a signaling message. TON indicates the category of a phone number, whether it's an international, national, local, or alphanumeric number. NPI, on the other hand, indicates the numbering plan to which the phone number belongs, such as E.161 for telephony, ISDN, or other numbering plans.

Key aspects and applications of TON/NPI Settings include:

Routing and Interpretation: TON/NPI settings play a crucial role in the routing and interpretation of phone numbers, ensuring the correct handling and delivery of messages and calls.

Network Compatibility: TON/NPI settings ensure that phone numbers are in the appropriate format for the specific network or system, enhancing compatibility and interoperability.

Global Standardization: TON/NPI settings adhere to global standards, enabling seamless communication and data exchange across different telecommunication networks worldwide.

Understanding and correctly configuring TON/NPI settings is essential for effective telecommunications, ensuring accurate routing and proper interpretation of phone numbers in various contexts.