Toward a digitally inclusive future.

Accelerate digital transformation and use the power and flexibility of communication through notifications and nationwide campaigns.

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Smarter governments for smarter cities.

The future is smart. With the proper CPaaS support, governmental departments, agencies, and public bodies can completely transform the way things are done. Explore our dynamic range of interactive, cloud-based communication solutions such as SMS, RCS, voice calling, and campaign management – and take operational efficiency up a notch.

A citizen-serving solution…

Omnichannel communication between administrations and citizens is essential. Digitize your citizen’s journeys and manage campaigns on a wide scale – all at minimum cost.

…for the greater good.

Provide citizens with the right information at the right time. Filter your campaigns by location or demography. Optimize government structures for smoother operations.

Digital transformation for all, all for digital transformation.

Governments can use our CPaaS solutions in whichever way needed. Enable ongoing communication during times of crisis and send time-sensitive information on a wide scale. Alert citizens with weather updates, traffic information, health campaigns, community programs, and so much more.


Coast-to-coast internal communications.

Empower government teams and employees with better, faster, and stronger internal communication so they can be of better service to everybody else. Use APIs to integrate text, video, and voice capabilities which your teams can use across any function. Get in touch with us and we will offer customized solutions based on your needs.

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Coast-to-coast internal communications.

We care about national security.

CEQUENS is an ISO-certified company. We take privacy and security seriously. CEQUENS cannot access government data and we always implement the highest measures for information security management.

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We care about national security.


First-rate deliverability.


Ensure premium message deliverability using smart routing and number lookup services that enhance your communication efforts.

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WhatsApp Business Solution

Two billion customers at your fingertips.


Take your customer engagement further than ever before. Break space and time boundaries using communication APIs validated by WhatsApp.

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Empowering Business. Inspiring Innovation.

Our edge is cutting edge.


A highly customizable platform with a pay-as-you-go model and cloud architecture support.


Smooth unity across multiple channels and multi-segment audiences.


99.96% uptime with smart routing technologies and regular web penetration testing.


Regional regulatory awareness that caters to various enterprises worldwide.


milliseconds transit time


route alternatives


billion big data records


priority live support

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