To the women who help us maintain balance.

Throughout March, CEQUENS is celebrating Women’s History Month to shed light on the inspiring female figures we have in our team. Our team is currently comprised of 27% women across all functions, and we are continuing to hunt for the top female talents. These women drive digital culture forward while caring for their households and personal wellbeing.

Here are their stories.



Staff Quality Engineer

My daughter is the one who drives me. She is so kind and pure. Her smile makes me over the moon, and her little hug is all I need.

Reham gives 100% of her focus to everything she does. She is a highly passionate individual and is always looking for the most efficient ways to manage her time between personal and professional matters.

She gets to spend more time with her daughter owing it to our flexible work from home policy.


Customer Success and Inside Sales Sr. Specialist

My girl Tamara is almost 3 years old. She just started preschool. I love watching her grow and I am enjoying every moment.

Aya fell in love with her child before giving birth to her. She involves her daughter in her work meetings and lets her interact with clients. Other team members love Tamara as well. She gives them plenty of reasons to laugh during serious conversations.


Sr. Quality Control Engineer

I am impressed by how much my son looks like me and tries to mimic my every move. It makes me laugh a lot. I love playing with him.

To Amira, balance is an everyday game. She likes waking up early and finish up some work-related tasks before waking up her son. She and other family members all take care of each other all the time.


Corporate Group Admin Assistant

My family is a blessing from God. They get me through every down moment in life.

Time management is Mai’s golden key to success. Mai is an example in accountability and accomplishments. She navigates day-to-day problems naturally. When things get overwhelming, she looks to her family for support. Mai knows the importance of sacrifice to enjoy the moments that matter.


Assistant Legal Manager

My son and husband are my main priority. I give them as much time as I can besides work to strengthen our bond even more.

Maha shares everything with her small family. They run errands, do chores, and cook together. They know how to engage in fun activities, too. Maha enjoys cycling and going for walks with her son and husband. Every week, she makes sure to get one hour of alone time.


Principal Software Engineer

To recharge my battery, I spend time with my close friends or go to the beach to relax and refresh.

Basma appreciates the little things in life. She remembers a story of when her teammates surprised her at home with a birthday cake and celebrated together over a video call. When she’s not coding or being technical, Basma is a beach person with a knack for relaxation.


Sr. Quality Control Engineer

My passion is plant cultivation. Nature is a beautiful thing to observe and admire. I enjoy the stages of raising a plant.

Menna’s hobby is such a unique one. She gets excited every time a new plant starts to bloom. This experience teaches her lots of life lessons – like patience. To Menna, plants are a work of art which expands her vision on everything else.


Service Desk Intern

I like to keep things simple. My special moments consist of hanging with my family – watching movies or sharing stories.

Ruba lives in a house where everything is equal. This helps her stay productive and mindful of what needs to be done. She believes her beautiful personality is a product of her parents’ encouragement and understanding.


Sr. Treasurer

I engage in sports. To me, it’s about the incredible moments where sheer human will and desire overcome the odds.

Raghda is always motivated to stay active. This gives her lots of positive energy which she knows how to spread around. To her, a stress-free body means a healthy mind and a healthier life.


Sr. Account Manager

Outside of work, my dog is my best friend. I have the most handsome 4-year-old German Shepherd.

Doha’s unique perspective on pets is a wonder to behold. She once rescued two stray cats and took them in. Now she has a dog friend called Sylvester, whose liveliness adds to Doha’s love for animals.


Manager, Organizational Development and Talent Management

The hugest part of my life is dedicated to my adopted daughter. The most fulfilling thing is seeing my efforts pay off with her.

Rasha is an inspiration for all of us. She raises her daughter, plays squash, reads a lot, and manages to make time for everything else – whether it’s work or social life.


Process Improvement Lead

I believe it’s all about connections. Connecting with my family and building stronger relationships enable a happier and healthier lifestyle for me.

Sahar is a fulltime mom, employee, and PhD student. She is always learning to adapt and embrace change. Her busy days only add to her enthusiasm and passion. She believes the sky is the limit for women who believe in themselves.


Sr. Internal Communication Lead

Travelling a lot helps me broaden my mind and embrace different cultures. I like exploring new surroundings and jump into adventures.

Alaa is an adventurous person. Her favorite memory is of climbing a 5,000-foot mountain in the winter cold. When she’s not climbing mountains and exploring new countries, she takes care of her cat, dog, parrot, turtle, and birds.


Recruitment Specialist

The only thing that matters is family. They motivate me and help me achieve balance. I owe them a lot.

Rowaida is most grateful for her family’s patience, support, and unconditional love. Such love motivates her to push towards more successes and overcome more challenges. To her, personal time is family time.

From all the men at CEQUENS to all the ladies of CEQUENS,

Thank you

Thank you for inspiring us, motivating us, and teaching us.

Thank you for building with us, collaborating with us, and challenging us.

Thank you for the strength you embody and the resilience you portray.

Thank you for the undying compassion, unending support, and endless amount of value you add to your homes, your families, and your workplace.

With much appreciation always,

Thank you from all men at CEQUENS