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SIP Trunking

Scale up your voice connectivity infrastructure and reach millions of customers in the MEA region

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If you’re looking for a powerful and agile voice solution that doesn’t compromise on quality, then Cequens’ SIP Trunking service is your trusted gateway to A2P voice connectivity. Now you can reach your audience anywhere in the Middle East and Africa while reducing your commercial costs. Spend less time worrying about any overhead expenses that may emerge from building your own infrastructure or any operational hassle that you may encounter along with the process. Enhance communication with your customers by using our reliable voice enablement channel and pay only for what you use.

Key Benefits of our SIP Trunking Service

  • sip trunking coverage
    Superior Coverage
    Get immediate coverage around the globe through our direct carrier connections and expand your reach to your customers in the Middle East and Africa.
  • sip trunking quality
    Quality Connections
    Guarantee instant and accurate delivery time through our SIP Trunking service. Our high-quality voice bandwidth assures the stability of your business A2P voice termination.
  • sip trunking scalability
    High Availability and Scalability
    Guarantee instant and accurate message delivery time through our different routes and carrier connections, all of which support mission-critical traffic types.
  • sip trunking pricing
    Fair Pricing
    Pay only for the voice connectivity that you will use, with our tailored pricing plans that are designed to help you reduce costs without compromising on quality.

Our SIP Trunking Features

Location-Based Routing
Location-Based Routing
Improve the quality of your calls with connectivity to your nearest node to ensure high quality services.
High Performance
High Performance
Experience speed of service through a wide range of DID Availability, with dedicated sessions for high volumes.
Call Recording
Call Recording
Maintain a record of your interactions for quality control and development purposes, with the option of recording your session(s).
Quality Monitoring
Quality Monitoring
Enjoy continuously monitored carrier performance to ensure 24-hour availability, with real-time tracking of dropped calls.
Exclusive Connections
Exclusive Connections
Request a private connection through our Communication Platform to safeguard the confidentiality of your communication.

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*For SIP Trunking services, use cases are to be reviewed and approved for local compliance purposes.

Number Masking

Safeguard the identities of your customers to prevent the misuse of their personal numbers and enhance their customer experience.

Call Forwarding for Enterprises

Help your corporation to be easily reached by having a local support number or forward your calls to any international offices.

A2P Voice Calling for Aggregators

Offer seamless global connectivity to enterprises and provide automated A2P calling service based on the convenience of the selected country.

OTP Fallback

Guarantee a backup channel for your OTP SMS using our automated and instantly-triggered A2P voice call.