CEQUENS joins Engineerex Tech as a Communication Partner

By Aly Osama

CEQUENS joined forces with Engineerex Cairo as the official Communication Partner for their successful #EngineerexTech digital event. The event took place over the course of two days 27 - 28 November, bringing together Egypt's brightest tech talents and offering numerous networking opportunities.

The partnership between CEQUENS and Engineerex highlights our continuous efforts in facilitating connections during one of the toughest years for the tech community and the world as a whole. We remain strong and armed by the powers of digital innovation to help redefine what the landscape will look like in the near future.

During the event, Moatasem Hatem, Product Owner, gave a talk titled 'How I Discovered the Twin Element of a Product's Lifecycle,' in which he shed light on the main checkpoints present in every product's journey. Moatasem also shared some insights regarding his personal journey from a small techie to successfully leading major products and guiding teams through the process.

It is noted that CEQUENS also joined RiseUp Summit earlier this year as a Communication Partner for their RiseUp From Home event.


About Engineerex

Engineerex is a global community that unifies interests, minds, and bodies under one umbrella where they could share their knowledge, enrich their businesses, spark their interests, and aspire for greatness. They support and empower events that thrive to foster the world of industry towards an evergreen future.



We're a global Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider that aims to bridge communication gaps in a communication-driven world.

Powered by innovation and guided by a Cloud-First and Mobile-First approach, we provide omnichannel communication APIs that enable enterprises and developers to communicate with their customer base worldwide.

As an Endeavor Entrepreneur and GSMA Associate Member and ISO-Certified company, CEQUENS plays a pivotal role in transforming business communication.

CEQUENS proprietary, PCI/DSS compliant Communication Platform leverages the latest cloud technologies and features a comprehensive portfolio of services that are industry-focused, agile, scalable, and cost-effective.

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