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CEQUENS celebrates Women Empowerment Month

By Aly Osama

For Women’s History Month, we decided to celebrate our female team members the CEQUENS way. This March, we came up with the theme “Women Empowerment Month” to recognize and honor the women we have in our team who help drive digital culture forward every day. As such, we hosted several internal events across the entire month which all contributed to the celebration and empowerment of women.

The CEQUENS Community is currently comprised of 27 percent women across all functions, and we are continually hunting for the top female talents to join our ranks. To empower their distinct personalities and interests, here is what we did this month.

Women-only webinar with special guest Dana Dinnawi

On International Women’s Day, we hosted Dana Dinnawi "The Hormone Coach" who specializes in women’s nutrition, hormonal balancing, and overall wellness across various life aspects. In an hour-long event, she shared with our ladies some valuable insights regarding self-care and ways to achieve healthier habits that allow them to take control and regain work/life balance. At times like these where we all are working from home, such tips and tricks are highly useful.

#WomenAtCEQUENS series

On the topic of maintaining balance, we also featured a series called #WomenAtCEQUENS highlighting several of our inspiring female figures. These women shared their personal stories with us and gave us a lesson in balance by showcasing how they care for their households and personal wellbeing while working to produce top-notch product and services. You can read their full stories here.

Live session with Joviality experts

For the final event in our month-long celebration, we invited our friends at Joviality, the self-care experts, to enlighten the ladies on how to care for themselves during stressful times. To top it off, Joviality provided all the ladies at CEQUENS with special giveaways, which included natural beauty products, to help in self-pampering routines.

One more thing

To enhance our sense of community even more, we decided to include the CEQUENS gentlemen as part of the celebrations as well. In collaboration with The Hair Addict, CEQUENS provided special discount codes to all employees to purchase hair and skin care products and accessories for themselves or their loved ones. This giveaway also coincided with Mother’s Day.

Additionally, our male team members wrote a note of appreciation to their female counterparts to conclude the month on a high note, which you can read here.

Happy Women’s History Month and Women Empowerment Month from CEQUENS to the whole world. To many more triumphs, experiences, and celebrations.


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