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Integration Platform

Streamline your business operations and legacy systems with any communication mediums on-premise

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Integration Platform

Integrate • Connect • Automate

Being aware of the communication encounters that the MEA region faces, Cequens has designed and built a customizable platform that seamlessly enables the digital transformation of your enterprise systems. In a world where businesses are overwhelmed with time-consuming operations and challenging security threats, paving the way to instant and secured communication has become a very high demand. Here’s where our Cequens supports businesses in automating their communication flows with more than 1000 connectors. Our Integration Platform has successfully helped enterprises facilitate the integration of their business resources with various communication channels and avail APIs effortlessly and securely. Powered by Cequens on-ground support, our scalable communication solution smoothly streamlines and automates your on-premise business operations in no time.

How integration platform works

Key Benefits of our Integration Platform

  • Omni-Channel Integration
    Omni-Channel Integration
    Sync, transfer, and retrieve any type of data across different communication channels and connectors.
  • Time-To-Market
    Elevate your organizational agility to save time for new implementations and initiatives, using our very own Integration Platform.
  • Industry Compliance
    Industry Compliance
    Allow Cequens Integration Platform to facilitate communication with your customers, and meet the terms of your local industry standards and regulations.
  • Simplified Data Migration
    Simplified Data Migration
    Smoothly migrate your data to your systems in simple, easy steps without having to spend so much effort on coding.
  • easydeployment
    Easy Deployment
    Integrate all your communication channels to one platform and spend less time using various devices or mediums to terminate messages.

Cequens Integration Platform Capabilities

Real-time Data Processing
Real-time Data Processing
Integrate the direct connectors of our platform to your various applications and communication mediums, and apply real-time data processing on-site.
Business Flow Integration
Business Flow Integration
Our Integration platform can instantly simplify the automation process and business flow of your data with any communication channel, once its deployed.
Multiple Integration Scenarios
Multiple Integration Scenarios
Handle various integration scenarios via one platform; whether on-prem to on-prem systems, on-prem to cloud systems, or cloud-to-cloud to on-site systems.
Data Visualization
Data Visualization
Our platform is built with a dashboard specially designed to display your data in attractive visuals, or you can integrate another customized third-party dashboard.
Asynchronous Messaging
Asynchronous Messaging
Our platform is equipped with asynchronous messaging to avoid any communication blockage, late responses, or application timeouts.
Data Mapping and Transformation
Data Mapping and Transformation
Our platform easily synchronizes your data from one destination to another, while handling the conversion and mapping of its source and format.

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