Collaboration, Reimagined.

FlipDock is a meeting room content sharing and Skype for Business video conferencing solution that takes collaboration to a whole new level.

Share content from multiple content streams simultaneously and easily flip between content, devices, meetings, and applications.


Meet • Share • Collaborate

FlipDock offers the perfect balance between meeting room collaboration and communication in a beautiful and intuitive user experience that can easily be used by anyone . Neatly packed inside a plug-and-play hardware device, FlipDock can be easily set up by any IT staff member.

Discover the sweet spot between collaboration and communication

Take Skype for Business to the next level
Book your Skype for Business meeting through Outlook and join it with one click of the calender. Support for joining Zoom and BlueJeans meeting.
Share your mobile or laptop screen wirelessly
Using Intel UNITE, wirelessly share your laptop and smartphone screens seamlessly during your Skype meetings
Online whiteboard with realtime collaboration
Sketch and collaborate on a whiteboard to get the best out of brainstorming sessions. Save, send and even share your session to allow others to join and provide their input.
Share files from your laptop or cloud drive
Browse and share files from multiple sources using Flipdock’s File Explorer. You can share and annotate on files from a USB stick, a Cloud drive, a network folder, or a meeting attachment. 
Browse and share websites in the meeting
Use the browser to access the internet mid-meeting and share with all meeting attendees. Go further by annotating to outline points and save a screenshot to send to participants' email.
Share the screen of any remote computer
Access a remote PC during your Skype meetings and share the screen with all meeting attendees.

FlipDock Hardware Components


Intel NUC (vPro)

The Intel NUC is a 4x4x2' mini computer that fits snugly behind your monitor and will run FlipDock for any meeting room size


Mimo Monitor

The MIMO monitor is FlipDock's center of room control system. It will give you full control of your meeting straight from the comfort of your chair. Includes HDMI grabber for screen mirroring


TV or large screen

FlipDock is optimized to run on single or dual displays. While using dual displays, one will display attendees and the other will display content shared.
(displays not included)


AV Peripherals

FlipDock supports multiple brands of cameras, mics and speakers, so you can use your pre-owned devices and save costs, or pick ones that are suitable for your meeting room set up.
(peripherals not included)

Building tomorrow’s smart meeting room is now a piece of cake

from $2499

For any sized meeting room

  • Intel NUC with FlipDock installed
  • MIMO Monitor for center of room control

FlipDock technology replaces outdated Skype Room Systems

Skype Room Systems are purpose-built on top of Skype for Business with meeting room video conferencing as the primary objective, and basic content sharing and collaboration support. At Cequens, we realized there’s much more to meetings than video conferencing, in today’s digital age, content is king. FlipDock was designed from the ground up with a focus on collaboration and content first in the meeting room and puts the average non-technical user at the forefront of user experience design,making legacy Skype Room Systems a thing of the past.

FlipDock is the highly anticipated fusion of collaboration and communication


Share/mirror laptop or smartphone screen wirelessly with Intel Unite

Connect with HDMI and share laptop screen

Connect to a remote computer and share screen

Sketch ideas in real-time with the online shared whiteboard

Share files from a USB or external drive

Share files from a network drive

Share files from cloud storage (Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox)

Share meeting attachments

Annotate on any shared file


Start and join Skype for Business calls in your meeting room

Book meeting through Outlook

Add attendees in booking email to immediately join them when the meeting starts

One click to join meetings

Join Zoom and BlueJeans meetings

Find and meet anyone in the organization or invite an external participant by email

Dial phone numbers to join via audio call

Use any Skype for Business certified hardware

HD audio and video conferencing

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